Backward Curved and Inclined Fans

Midwest Industrial Products is proud to offer a wide variety of industrial fans and blowers to fit your needs. Our wide product offerings mean that we have a fan or blower for every application and if you need a custom fan or blower, we can work with our vendor to create a custom solution to meet your exact specifications and application requirements. Our team of industrial concierges are ready to help you curate the right combination of fans and blowers for your company’s industrial needs.

Backward Incline Quick Ship Fans

Need a dust collection fan in a hurry? These custom-selected fans are ready to ship in less than three weeks from order placement. Reliable dust collection that offers 12 size options, a large horsepower range, and a 4v Top-Mounted direct Drive.

Backward Incline Quick Ship Fans from Midwest Industrial Products

Backward Curved Fans

When you need to move high volumes of high static air, backward curved fans are the best choice. They are versatile and work in most forced and induced-draft applications. They are designed to work with clean process air but in certain situations, they can move light particulate. Backward curved fans are made for heavy duty applications and offer high efficiency with low utility and maintenance expenses.

Backward Curved Fans from MIP

Backward Incline Fans

Backward incline fans are a great choice for both induced and forced-draft applications. They are specifically designed to process high volumes of clean air at low static pressure levels. Built with efficiently and utility cost in mind, this fan is a great choice for those that want a high quality product with a lower purchase price than the backward all curved fan.

Backward Incline Fans from Midwest Industrial Products

Custom Designed Blowers and Fans

Custom High Pressure Blowers

Sometimes you need a high pressure blower that is fine tuned to hit specific points on the curve that a standard radial blower can’t. Our vendor offers two types of custom high pressure radial fans, custom high pressure open radial blowers (HP#R) and customer high pressure shrouded radial blowers (HP#S). Our team will help you determine the exact specs for your fan to fit your application. Here are the possibilities offered:

Custom High Pressure Blower Specs:

  • Volume: up to 150,000 cfm
  • Pressure: up to 140” wg
  • Temperature: up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Drive: Belt & Direct

Design Specs to Hit The Mark:

  • Several base designs
  • Arrangements including 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, – all single-width single inlet 9SWAI
  • Size options from 020-165
  • Horsepower Range from 1.5-500+ HP
  • Achieve higher efficient at peak performance
  • Help to customize every aspect of your machine
Custom High Pressure Blowers from Midwest Industrial Products

Custom Fans

Sometimes you need something that is specifically designed to meet your needs that doesn’t exist yet. One of our vendors offers a service that will design a heavy industrial and robust, reliable fan that meets your specifications and is ready for your desired application. Best of all, the custom fan comes with a three year warranty. Our concierge team has a mechanical engineer on board that will help you construct a specifications list that will be simple for the vendor’s engineering team to follow, resulting in a machine that is crafted to your exact application needs.

To create the fan, we will need to identify the following specifications:

  • Volumetric Flow Rate
  • Fan Static Pressure
  • Inlet Air Density
  • Intended Fan Duty

And the following customization options (if applicable):

  • Arrangements
  • Materials
  • Finishes
  • Accessories
Custom Fans From Midwest Industrial Products


We have a wide variety of accessories available for our centrifugal fans. These accessories can be as important to your machine as the components of the machine themselves. Choosing the right ones can result in money and time savings for years to come. Our concierge team will help you navigate the right ones for you so that your fan can operate at maximum efficiency and reliability. 

Accessories for centrifugal fans include:

  • Actuators & Postioners
  • Dampers
  • Expansion Joint
  • Inlet Boxes
  • Screens
  • Silencers
  • Sound Insulation
  • Temperature sensors (RTD & Thermocouple)
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Variable Frequency Drivers (VFDs)
  • Vibration Isolators
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Vibration Switches
  • Weather Hoods
Fan Accessories from Midwest Industrial Products

High-Pressure Blowers

High-Pressure Blowers are the right choice when you have a low air volume with high static pressure. These machines are often used to provide forced-draft air but can function as induced-draft machines if needed. The radial blade profile allows some models to process material in addition to clean air. The high-pressure blower is ready for heavy-duty industrial use and is fully welded allowing for longer fan life in harsh environments. Surgeless operation makes this blower ideal for variable flow and uniform pressure conditions and the open and shrouded radial blades will maximize efficiency and performance.

High Pressure Blower Fans from Midwest Industrial Products

High Temperature Fans

When you need to process hot air, you need a high temperature fan. A high temperature fan is available as a stand-alone model with a foundation base and housing or as a “plug” fan which can be bolted to an oven or other structure. There are four types of fans that are available to work in high temperature conditions: forward curve, paddle wheel, backward inclined and plug fans. Fans can be customized by arrangements 1, 2, 7, 8, & 9, by material for construction (must be a heat approved material), finishes and coatings (must be able to withstand the extreme conditions) and a heat treatment (highly recommended).

High Temperature Fans from MIP

Industrial Exhaust Fans

Industrial exhaust fans are designed for applications that involve clean air or air with a light particulate count. The machine has a wheel design with blades that are partially radial and partially backward inclined. This combination allows for some material handling while increasing the static efficiency of the machine. This fan offers a lower cost than a full backward curved model and has a higher static efficiency than true radial fans.

Industrial Exhaust Fans from Midwest Industrial Products

Radial Fans (Paddle Wheel Fans)

Radial fans are often referred to as paddle wheel fans and they are used to move air and material. They aren’t ideal for clean air applications but they are the best choice for moving a wide range of material including sawdust, shavings, metal, and even tar. They are specifically designed to handle a wide range of static pressure requirements and air volumes. Depending on your needs, these fans area available as open or shrouded radial fans.

Radial Fans from Midwest Industrial Products

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