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Midwest Industrial Products offers a wide variety of filtration products for all different types of applications.

Liquid Bags

Liquid filtration is an important aspect for many manufacturing and production applications. With micron ratings from 1 to 1500 we have the right filter for your process. Liquid filter bags come in a variety of media construct depending on the product being filtered, the temperature of the product, and the desired flow. Filter media most commonly used is mesh, felt, and microfiber. Most bags come standard with handle. Depending on application, filter bags come with galvanized or stainless snap ring or a specially designed high temp snap ring. Common media types for liquid filter bags are:

Standard Mesh Liquid Filter Bags

  • Micron rating from 1-1500
  • Standard and Custom Sizes available
  • High and Low pressure drop media
  • Sewn construction
  • Temperature ratings up to 400 deg F 204 deg C
  • Meet FDA regulations for contract under Title 21 Section 77.1520

Standard Felt Liquid Filter Bags

  • Micron rating from 1-200
  • Wide range of chemical compatibility
  • High and Low pressure drop media
  • Sewn or fully welded construction
  • Handles come standard
  • Steel or Molded Snap seal rings
  • Temperature ratings up to 425 deg F

High Efficiency Microfiber Filter Bags 

  • Micron ratings from 1.0 to 50.0
  • Steel or Molded snap seal rings
  • Wide range of chemical compatibility
  • Oil-Absorbing capabilities
  • Efficiency rating of 95.0%
  • Polypropylene and polyester free of silicone

Dust Collector Filter Bag and Cages

If your facility has a collection system for dust and other dry particulates, chances are your collection system uses filter bags (socks) and cages to filter contaminants from the intake (dirty air) before returning that filtered air back into the environment or facility. These filter bags are made of a variety of media types depending on collection system and type of particulate. Common media types are polyester, polypropylene, fiberglass, and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene).



Seed and Grain (Agricultural)

Food Production

Plastics and Injection Mold



Rubber Production

Cartridge Filters

For environments where the particulates are smaller and more difficult to capture, spunbound, nanofiber, and 80/20 blend cartridge media is required for the collection system. With micron ratings from 0.2 to 2.0. Pleated Cartridge Filters have larger total filter area thus reducing the air to cloth ratio and overall size of collector for each application. Midwest Industrial Products can supply your operation with high quality OEM and aftermarket cartridge filters for all makes and models of collectors.


Metal Fabrication & Machining

Welding Fumes

Plasma and Laser Cutting



School Shops

Panel Pre/After Filters

For applications and equipment requiring pre or after filtration, Midwest Industrial Products has a full line of pleated panel and box filters in all standard and custom sizes. Merv 8 to 14 and efficiencies from 60%-95%. For filtration requirement exceeding the standard Merv’s and efficiencies we also offer a complete line of HEPA filtration commonly used in food & beverage, agricultural animal, laboratory, and chemical/pharmaceutical. 

A growing trend in filtration is the use of metal mesh reusable panel filtration. Depending on your application and requirements these multi use, rinse to clean filters decrease the frequency of change outs and re-ordering cost. Ask your Midwest Industrial Products representative if Reusable Metal Mesh Filters are a good fit for your system.

Bulk Media

In other cases of filtration and operations a Pad and Bulk Media filters are used for pre or primary filtration processes. Standard media construct of fiberglass or 100% non-woven polyester and can come in a bulk rolls or be cut-to-size to meet your requirements.

Press Filters

For applications requiring filter presses and filter press media, Midwest Industrial Products has a full line of equipment, replacement parts, and filter media to keep your operation running smoothly with minimal down time. With press filter media up to 2000mm x 2000mm and media types of CGR (caulked, gasketed, recessed) and NG (non gasketed) to fit every OEM Filter Press on the market.

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