Ducting and Piping for Every Application

Midwest Industrial Products is proud to offer both quick clamp ducting systems for ducting up to 24 inches as well as flanged ducting for applications requiring openings of up to 96 inches. We carry multiple brands of ducting that offer a variety of styles, gauges, and material constructions that span almost every application.

Quick Clamp Options

Pipes & Clamps

Straight duct and clamps designed for process ventilation and dust collection systems. We have pipes, sleeve assemblies, clamps with pins and seals, and accessories available between 3 and 24 inches in galvanized steel or 304 Stainless Steel construction in multiple gauges. 

Pipes and clamps for HVAC Ducting


When your ducting needs to turn a corner, an elbow is needed. We have a large number of options for elbows to fit various needs and to help route your ducting around structural components in your facility while maintaining an efficient duct layout. Bends are available in 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90° and can be constructed out of galvanized steel or 304 Stainless Steel Construction and are available in multiple gauges.

Elbows for HVAC Ducting


Branches are the ideal way to split your ducting. There are a number of branch options and your MIP Industrial Product Concierge will help you determine the best branch choice for your needs. Branches are available as Standard Branches, Y Branches, Tee Branches, In Cuts / Saddle Taps.

Branches for HVAC Ducting from Midwest Industrial Products


Adapters are necessary to transition between two different types of ducting or to close up the end of a duct. There are several types of adapters to fit various applications and they can be constructed from galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel and area available in multiple gauges.

Adapters for HVAC from Midwest Industrial Products

Blast Gates

Blast Gates allow you to have control over what parts of your ducting is open and closed with manual and auto options. The Automatic Blast Gates are available with a reed switch assembly so you can easily see the status of the blast gate. There are several construction and gauges available for many of the gate types.

Blast Gates from MIP

Hoods and Rectangular to Round Transitions

Hoods are vital for particulate and fume capture because they help keep a large number of dangerous particulates from circulating throughout the air in the building and from being inhaled by your team members. Transitions are required for moving from one shape of ducting to another. If a hood doesn’t exist to match your need, one can be created for you with the help of your MIP Concierge.

Hoods and Rectangual to Round Transitions from Midwest Industrial Products

Hose & Hose Clamps

Hoses can sometimes be more effective for moving material and fumes throughout your ductwork. Hoses can withstand a wide range of temperatures from -65° to 1500°F and they can also handle moderately to very abrasive material. Hoses work for a wide variety of applications. Hose clamps are used to help seal the connections together so that particulates and fumes don’t escape the system.

Hoses for HVAC from MIP

Diverter Valves

When you need to increase efficiency, diverter values that will divert air, fumes or particulates or exhaust air while increasing suction in other parts of your system. Diverter Valves are simple to install and quick to begin using. Diverter are available at a 45° angle and in galvanized steel construction in varying gauges.

Diverter Vales for HVAC Ducting from MIP

Hangers & Installation

Hanging your ducting is an important part of your ducting plan. There area a variety of options for hanging ducting and each option has a specific purpose. When ducting needs to pass through the wall or ceiling to the outside we have solutions to keep the inside elements separated from the outside depending on specific applications and needs. 

Hangers and Installation Solutions for Commercial HVAC Ducting from MIP


We have accessories for almost every need. They easily integrate into your existing system or can be added to your ventilation plan quickly because they are part of our quick clamp together offerings. There are accessories that can prevent rain from entering your ventilation system through the roof, reduce vibration, quiet down load fans, more easily clean up workspaces and more. Many accessories area available in multiple constructions and gauges.

HVAC Ducting Accessories from Midwest Industrial Products

Quick Clamp Sealed Ducting & Flanged Ducting

Quick Clamp Sealed Ducting

Sealed ducting is important for applications that need to prevent the leakage of smoke/fumes, chemicals, oils, water, and hydraulic fluids from the ventilation system into the environment around it. This ducting can be resistant to damage from twisting, damage from particulates, damage from low (-30°F) and high temperatures (225°F).

Quick Clamp Sealed Ducting for Commercial HVAC Ducting from Midwest Industrial Products

Flanged Ducting

Most of the Quick Clamp Together Ducting is available with flanged ends that can be made up to 96” in diameter along with several different material construction and gauges. Your MIP Product Concierge will help you determine the best option for you. 

Flanged Ducting From MIP for Commercial HVAC Ducting

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