Central Vacuum Systems are essential to any operation that produces harmful particulates. Choosing the right vacuum system can be a challenge though. Do you need to make an investment in a facility-wide central vacuum system or can you use an extraction arm on a stand-alone system or portable system? Our team or industrial product concierges can help you make the best decision for your needs and budget.

Industrial Central Vacuum System

Industrial central vacuum systems are ideal in industries where there is a lot of material waste that needs to be prevented from circulating in the air including manufacturing, woodworking, agricultural, plastics, metals, and other heavy particulate environments. A fully integrated system will allow you to have access to the vacuum where you need it, when you need it. Built with efficiency and durability in mind, the central vacuum system is designed to run all day without issue. The central vacuum system has the ability to add optional features to match the intended environment and use applications.

Optional Features include: sound attenuation cabinet, special coatings, stainless steel construction, special discharge options, magnehelic differential pressure grudge, bag equalization, photohelic gauge, etc.

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems from Midwest Industrial Products

Extraction Arms

Extraction arms are the most effective and often the most economical way to capture contaminates at the source. Extraction arms can be stand alone, wall mounted, bench mounted, table mounted, overhead mounted, or mounted to a portable device so that they can travel around as needed.

Self-supporting extraction arms are part of a stand alone system where a collection point is needed right at the site of the vacuum (sometimes there are particulates you don’t want to filter through the central vacuum system or you only need a vacuum at this location in your facility. The self-supporting arms are the most economical and effective methods for the capture of fumes. Through the use of self-supporting joints, flexible hoses, and smooth bore tubing, the arm’s hood can easily be placed need the source of the problem

Fume arms are made from steel with cast aluminum joints and are fully adjustable to the workers desired tension.

Accessories for self supporting arms:

  • Swinging extension booms to increase reaches
  • Arms with a standing bench mountable flange
  • Fans or filtering system
Extraction Arms from MIP

FilterCart Carbon & FlexPAK

FilterCart Carbon

When you need to remove solvents, fumes, and other gas contaminants from the air as you travel throughout your facility or around a larger machine, a FilterCart Carbon is a great choice. Equipped with an extraction arm and optional HEPA filter, this filter cart will keep your employees, customers, and/or equipment safe and is simple to maneuver so it can always be where you need it. 

FilterCart Carbon HEPA Vacuum from Midwest Industrial Products


Heavy particulates and dust that isn’t captured at the source or by an ambient system end up covering surfaces with debris that is potentially flammable dust or hazardous fumes. To prevent this build up a vacuum dust collector is a great solution that is dependable and efficient at mitigating these hazards. Systems can be sized for 2-10 users and can be set up inside or outdoors to be source captured or vacuum style collected. These units are designed to handle heavy particulates including welding fumes, grinding dust, metal chips, and more. FlexPAK has applications for the workplace, the shop floor and machines. It can also be used for on-tool or on-torch applications for welding fume collection. The FlexPAK has different running modes making it versatile to fit the specific customer need of either generating as much suction as possible (useful for long piping or material transportation) or maintaining a constant suction level (useful for welding fume or grinding dust collection).

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