Collection for Many Applications

MIP has dust, fume, and weld smoke collectors for every application. Whether you need a standalone system, one that integrates into your existing system or ductwork, or one that can be used independently or in conjunction with other equipment, we have the collector for you. 

Indoor air quality is vital to a healthy and safe work environment and particulate collection systems are key to ensuring healthy air for your employees. Dust is created by the manufacturing process for practically everything we make and it is often times combustible. Dangerous fumes and smoke often accompany dust production due to the nature of the manufacturing process. In order to identify the right system for you, we will explore your current manufacturing operations, employee exposure, potential dangers, available space for a system, and the best way to clean your indoor air effectively. Below is a sampling of what is available to meet your needs. Your MIP Industrial Product Concierge will confirm the system that is right for your specific needs prior to ordering.


Industrial Cyclone Dust Collectors

Cyclone Dust Collectors separate particulates that are too heavy or large to go through the duct collector. The heavier particulates drop to the bottom while the smaller ones process through the machine to be cleaned. The most common applications for cyclone dust collectors are woodworking, material handling, rubber grinding, abrasive cutting, and metal grinding. Cyclones can work well as a pre-cleaner for cartridges or baghouse collectors so that the large particulates don’t make it through and clog up the filters. These machines are typically stand alone. Special linings can be applied to allow for higher temperatures and more abrasive materials. Multi-clone models are also available.

Cyclone Dust Collector from Midwest Industrial Products


Indoor air quality is highly important on the production floor because it is vital to the health and productivity of your employees. The CMAXX is one of the most heavy duty and durable dust and fume collectors the industry has to offer. It is completely customizable because it is modular. It also features a weather-resistant CrownTech roof and doesn’t have any external bolt holes.

In addition to durability, the CMAXX also features a double gasket pan, anti-ramp rails, sure stop-system, lift rail door stop, and its completely grounded. It is suitable for grain, plasma cutting, welding fumes, silica dust, fiberglass dust, shot blasting and woodworking.

CMAXX System from MIP

Continuous Airflow Dust Collectors

When your dust collector is needed for continuous operation, this dust collector does the job. It is a self contained system that can filter with an efficiency of 99.5%. It can be customized to fit specific conditions such as fire retardant or washable spun board filters to make it as safe or as clean as possible for your application. This dust collector can range from 1000cfm to 6000cfm depending on applications. There are three filter options to choose from to best fit the application, Nano, HEPA, and METAL MESH.

Continuous Airflow Dust Collectors from Midwest Industial Products

Down Draft Collectors

Down Draft Collectors use downflow technology and managed inlet air velocity to minimize the re-entertainment of dust and particulates. These collectors are great for fine or abrasive particulate collection applications. The dust is allowed to settle below the cartridges which keeps the particulates from re-entering the air. The standard cartridges are rated temperatures of up to 160°F and there are higher rated cartridges available if needed. There are also four ways of initiating jet pulse cleaning so it is customizable to your specific application. 

Down Draft Collectors from Midwest Industrial Products

Horizontal Cartridge Collector

Ideal for larger scale options, Horizontal Cartridge Collectors are a great option. They are down flow systems that are 99.7% efficient. They also contain a reverse jet pulse cleaning system that can decrease the downtime for maintenance and extend the filter life. There are many sizing options available making this an excellent choice for a variety of applications including: plasma, welding, grinding, smelting, and bulk powder handling.

Horizontal Cartridge Collector from MIP

Self-Contained Fume Collector

Weld and smoke fumes are quite harmful to the body overtime with repeated exposure. A safe and productive work environment needs to be achieved and a Self-Contained Fume collector can make that happen without taking up a large footprint. These fume collectors are ideal for welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting and fine metal particulate.

Self-Contained Fume Collector from MIP

Baghouse Dust Collectors

External Baghouse Collector - Midwest Industrial Products

Reverse Air and Medium Pressure Baghouse Dust Collectors are great for applications require bag filters. Reverse Air Baghouse Dust Collector is an all-purpose baghouse that works well for many applications. A fan provides the airflow to clean the bag filters without the need for compressed air. Filter bags remain in place during cleaning. The Medium Pressure Baghouse Dust Collector is a high efficiency baghouse that uses compressed air (onboard) to clean the filter bags through pulses of air. In order to keep the rotating arm in alignment, a proximity sensor us used. This ensure previse filter bag cleaning. 

Ambient Air Scrubbers

Electronic Ambient Air Scrubbers

If a standalone system isn’t necessary or wanted, ambient air scrubbers are a great alternative to managing indoor quality. Ambient air can be circulated by electronic air scrubbers which remove contaminants and particulate before returning clean air back to the facility. There are a wide variety of sizes to choose from and they are great or smoke, fumes, oil and coolant smoke and mist collection and cleaning.

Electronic Ambient Air Scrubbers from Midwest Industrial Products

Media Air Scrubbers

Media air scrubbers are ambient air scrubbers that help manage a facilities indoor air quality by circulating ambient air through a pre-filter and main filter, removing contaminants and particulates prior to returning clean air back into the facility. These excellent solutions for facilities that don’t require or desire a standalone system. These are available in many sizes and are designed for use with smoke, fumes, oil and coolant smoke and mist.

Media Air Scrubbers from MIP

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